About your local one-stop shop

Ye olde Top O’ The Rock circa 1989
Top O’ The Rock is an award winning “one-stop” shopping experience. We offer customers virtually everything they need — a vast selection of grocery products, gourmet hand-made pizza, healthy “to-go” meals, movie rentals and an LCBO/Beer store partnership.

Owner Deborah Clark and her son Brandon (Director of Operations), in their successful approach to business, include all of the Top ‘O The Rock employees as integral parts of the team that make this a “family business”. “Some owners say they are people persons,” Deborah says. “I really work at making this my truth.”

Deborah also recognizes that her business has grown through the support of many loyal customers. “Our mandate is to serve the needs of our community by providing the highest quality products and service. We believe in supporting our local suppliers as well as growers and you will find many of their products in store”.

“We are on a mission to provide our customers with a memorable, quick, and easy shopping experience. We add value by being your one-stop shop.” – Deborah Clark, Founder and Owner

Whether you are a resident, a weekend visitor, or a resort home owner, you will find everything you need at Top O’ The Rock. We’re convenient to Lake Eugenia and Beaver Valley Ski Club.

We’re on a mission to simplify your life!

About Deborah

Deborah Clark won the local Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award in 2007, the Stars in Business Award for Company of the Year (under 15 employees) in 2008, and the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013 for community service.

She serves on the board of the Eugenia District & Community Improvement Association and supports the Klondyke Trailgroomers, the Dufferin Grey ATV Club, and the Eugenia Gold Rush.

Her legacy, she says, will be more than being a business person. It will be to be a person of value to her community.